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This website is dedicated to transgendered individuals with gender identity issues, families, friends, and those who need a greater understanding of the transgendered person.  The site offers the opportunity to look into my life and my personal experiences and hopefully you will share yours.  I will provide a work in progress resource and support group guide in local communities across the United States.  Local support groups are an excellent way to find good professional help.

In my book, “Bondage of Self” (May 2013), I discuss being born breached, alcoholic, drug addicted, and transgendered.  The first step out of my mother’s womb was the beginning of a world full of guilt, shame, anxiety, anger, fear, and pride, all of which had to be overcome to live a life of serenity.  The feeling of not belonging in society and that I was the only person in the world with these feelings consumed my life. Then came a realization that I am not alone, I found my truth to and became comfortable with myself.  It truly is an experience that needs to be shared.  These experiences include the feelings from childhood, having gender reassignment surgery, the emotional shift, transition on the job with a large conservative company in the South, and the recovery from drugs and alcohol abuse.

I am not a medical doctor; however, I will discuss the effects of hormones, emotional differences, electrolysis, gender reassignment surgery, breast augmentation, and other procedures that I have experienced.  The resource pages of this website can help those who choose to find the proper medical care, therapy, and surgery.  It is important to start hormones only with a good Endocrinologist.

Parents, siblings, partners, children, employees, and friends all may have a very difficult time with the understanding of their loved one or friend for keeping such a deep secret of being transgendered.  Hopefully, this site will help those to share their experience and provide the proper resources to those who choose to be educated.   For us, the transgendered individual, at some point, it becomes a choice between life and death.   You are not alone and it is wonderful to be relieved from the bondage of self!

Kaitlin Sine Riordan

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